Top 10 Secret Places We Don’t Show on Our Northwest Film Forum Tour

By Craig Downing, Education Manager

You are trustworthy, right? Well, one of us has to be trustworthy. Okay, I’m just going to take a risk here.  I’m going to share the places that it clearly states in our employee handbook to NOT share publically. This will be healthy for both us.  Tour starts now. Don’t take notes; it’s best if this isn’t documented ☺

1. Our fridge has a networked web cam. Why? Someone once took my pizza. Amber alerts were sent. The pizza was never returned. So, a web cam was procured. I watch it daily.  Digestive justice will be served.

2. Vault: Protected by a old-school classic safe door, here we house a random collection of acquired and donated super 8, 16mm and 35mm films.  A great place for exploring and for slumber parties!

3. We have a fair amount of storage needs but not a lot of space. So we have to use every inch we have…even it’s only 36 inches tall. So, say, Hello…hello, hello, hello, hello (there’s an echo in deep storage). Anyway, my favorite part of deep storage is using this mermaid-colored mechanic creeper to scoot around when I’m trying to find a place to find archived material or take a nap ☺

4. Rumor has it that at least one hump film was created under our romantic roof. The rooms sometimes change shape, but the greasy sultry history still remains!

5. A working Commodore 64. Respect!

6. DJ Station.  Poised and on call for immediate party ruckus magic, we have a permanently installed DJ station that watches over us in the lobby.

7. Matt’s Booth.  Matt Cunningham was our beloved Tech Director for over 10 years. In celebration, we christened Cinema 1’s booth in his name.  History!

8. Secret Staff Jam Space.  Love our films! Wise.  If you listen very careful during our films, you just may hear some of our staff members playing ever so quietly inside our cinemas. Shhh!

9. Thank You Wall!  Started when we moved into our space in 2004, we’ve asked so many people to gratitude graffiti this wall in our space.

10. Secret Nintendo Room. NWFF… where amazing films are shown and also Mario Kart heroes train!

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