A Kidstuff Top 10

It’s that special time of year at Northwest Film Forum when our staff shares their “Top 10 Lists” from the past sun-round. Some are styled on the more traditional Top 10 Best Films lists we see regularly in the media at this time of year. And some push the boundaries of the Top 10 format. From our film loving hearts to yours: happy holidays, and here’s to a film-filled 2015.


Image from the film "The Wind Rises."

1. Ten is a huge big deal number. I know that because Northwest Film Forum’s Children’s Film Festival Seattle is about to celebrate its 10th birthday. So my #1 top ten thing for 2014 has been preparing for that #10. We’ve selected an amazing 175 films from more than 50 countries. Take a sneak peak, and avoid tears and tantrums by getting your tickets now at childrensfilmfestivalseattle.org.

2. Go Hawks! We’d like to thank the Seahawks for winning the Super Bowl, and giving us the opportunity to get Seattle Times front page coverage for our magnanimous decision to move our closing ceremony of our 2014 festival, so that folks did not have to choose between kids’ films and football! P.S. Many many many other great things happened during Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2014!

3. Camps, camps, camps. This year, Northwest Film Forum hosted an incredible seven summer filmmaking camps. All the cool kids were there, and they made some amazing movies.  In 2015, we’ll continue to expand our offerings of camps for kids ages 7 to 18.

4. GIFFONI! The summer of 2014 also saw three Children’s Film Festival Seattle youth jurors jetting off to Italy, to serve on the jury of the Giffoni Experience, one of the most prestigious international youth film festivals in the world! Viva Giffoni, and viva Isaac Hughes, Ellie Hughes and Viv Daniel, who stayed with host families, ate really delicious pizza every day, and experienced the life-changing thrill of meeting like-minded youth from around the world.

5. BAM! And by that we mean the venerable Brooklyn Academy of Music. This year, BAM asked Children’s Film Festival Seattle and Northwest Film Forum to help curate their next edition of BAMkids Film Festival, scheduled to unspool on Feb. 7 and 8, 2015. If you’re in New York, get out of the cold and go see great international kids’ films at BAM!

Photo by Elisa Huerta-Enochian6. Bellingham, Vashon, Port Townsend, Rincon, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Westhampton Beach, NY, Honolulu, Baltimore, Scottsdale, Houston, South Bend, Indiana, Santa Barbara … what do all these places have in common? Kids there had a chance to see award-winning “Best of Fest” programs from Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2014.

7. Shout-out to my own personal troika of unsurprising choices for favorite big films of the year: Richard Linklater’s masterpiece, Boyhood, Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel and of course, of course, of course, The Wind Rises.


8. Here’s to kids growing up. Personal most transformative movie moment with my own teenagers? Finally feeling totally secure to watch The Shining with them on a dark, cold, windy night on Vashon Island.

9. Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache. Never in the history of my career as a children’s film festival director have I ever been so happy to “discover” a film, and I found Matt Orefice’s fine funny film right in my own backyard! It played at Northwest Film Forum’s Local Sightings Film Festival and will be back on the big screen at Children’s Film Festival Seattle!

10. I totally loved and appreciated your end-of-year donation to Northwest Film Forum, your recognition that our film center has made an enormous contribution to the cultural landscape of Seattle by nurturing filmmakers, creating new ones, and being courageous, brave and nimble enough to survive in a rapidly changing media landscape. WHAT? You haven’t made your donation yet?  Get on it, and Happy Holidays!

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