A Distractions Top 10 List

It’s that special time of year at Northwest Film Forum when our staff shares their “Top 10 Lists” from the past sun-round.  Some are styled on the more traditional Top 10 Best Films lists we see regularly in the media at this time of year. And some push the boundaries of the Top 10 format. From our film loving hearts to yours: happy holidays, and here’s to a film-filled 2015.


1. New Lenses!!!

These lenses sadly won’t help my writing get any better but at least they will help my shots look juicy! These lenses are fast (f1.5), tack sharp, de-clicked and have all manual focus and aperture rings! More here on our new lens rentals.




2. Our popcorn flavor portfolio!!! I challenge you to find better flavor options for popcorn than ours—pancake, nutritional yeast, cinnamon, curry…I’m not ashamed about the bags of popcorn I’ve smuggled for demanding friends. Shhh!

3. No No: A Dockumentary. I hate crying in public. Thanks a lot, No No… My composure was no match for you and your beautiful story.  What a powerful and moving film.

4. The LEGO Movie.  Yep, that’s right. Staff from an art house cinemateque recommended The LEGO movie. I’m not ashamed. Nope. Why? Because it’s a goddamn tightly written film. I’ll be the first to get in any knuckle duster/all-out bar brawl at The Comet defending this movie. I have me a hunch that after you’ve seen it, you’ll hopefully be there with me defending this movie’s honor.

5. The Gunfighter. I don’t take smoke breaks at work. I take shorts breaks. I probably take too many. But, basically, after I’ve work hard—real hard, for like 7 minutes—I reward myself by watching this short. This short has all the elements and they come together perfectly! Plus, it’s pants-wetting hilarious!

The Gunfighter from Eric Kissack on Vimeo.

6. Renegade. Okay. I lied.  For those 7 minutes where I was working really hard, well, full disclosure, I was actually watching this equally hilarious short.

This film punches in all the awesomeness of a full feature into a clever and epic 4 minute master piece.  I’ve interrupted my co-workers, who are actually working, so many times demanding they give this film the attention it deserves. This short never stops being funny.

!!RENEGADE!! from michael cavanaugh on Vimeo.

7. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)
I spent 2 hours watching this and then 5 hours debating about all the issues and topics brought up in this important and riveting film.  I love it when we show films that inspire such real and relevant conversations.

8. Our lobby. I heart-breakingly love our lobby. Why? It’s not just for the parties held there…or because we typically greet our new students or members there. That too, but also for all the conversations that happen in our lobby after watching any one of our films. Also, for the conversations among filmmakers or volunteers or just film lovers that happen in our lobby. Oh, lobby, I love thee for providing an open space for networking, conversation, discourse and inspiration. You are a good one, ol’ Lobby.

9. Our new 60D Canon camera. Now even more movies can be made and more students can get their eager hands on more equipment during class. Win win!!!

10. You. Yep. You!  It sure would be lonely around here if you weren’t joining us for films, classes, events or camps. Here’s to seeing more of you in 2015!!!! Facts.

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