A Love Story

Once upon a time, guest blogger Megumi Shauna Arai sent us a Valentine—we’re re-sharing her story with you, in honor of Valentine’s Day, and film lovers everywhere. . .

My boyfriend likes to remind me of this story and how I swept him off his feet.

I met Scott Everett by chance at an art opening. His friend took a photo of me, and as I was asking where the photo was going and explaining how I hadn’t give him permission, Scott stepped in. He was tall and handsome. I could immediately tell he had a warm, funny, genuine personality.

We started talking. I saw some of the photos he had taken and he told me he was making a documentary film with his buddy (the guy who took the photo of me without permission). I definitely wanted him to ask me out, so I made it very obvious.

He chose the first date. We had a lovely meal and I was very nervous the whole time. For the second date it was my turn to suggest an activity. I really wanted to impress him. I knew I had to pull out all the stops to get this older gentleman to take me seriously. I saw in The Stranger that Northwest Film Forum was playing Werner Herzog’s 1971 creative nonfiction documentary, Fata Morgana. I put two and two together: Scott loves documentaries + Werner is really impressive. I had no idea what the film was about, but I loved Werner’s accent and his dry humor so I thought, yes!

We went and we fell in love. You know the excitement that fills your body when you are learning something new, watching something inspiring, experiencing something special? I looked over in the dark theater to this almost complete stranger and he looked at me and we saw in each other’s eyes that we were having the same bright experience and this instantly turned into our experience, together.

That night watching Fata Morgana with Scott at the Film Forum and seeing filmmaker Michael Glawogger speak about the film created our first inspiring, creative, energetic experience together. There is nothing quite like it. Especially when you can have those experiences with the person you love. Thank you, Northwest Film Forum, for having great fucking programming and bringing in incredible films and speakers to our city on the water.


Megumi Shauna Arai

Megumi Shauna Arai was born in the U.S. and grew up between Tokyo and Seattle.  Her father is a country boy from the rural prefecture of Nagano, Japan, and her mother is of Eastern European Jewish ancestary raised in the Pacific Northwest.  Megumi studied photography at Tisch School of the Arts, Bennington College, and Photographic Center Northwest.  She works in both Analog and Digital formats and shoots Fine Art and Commercial Photography.  She is interested in biracial identity, intimacy, confinement/freedom, imperfection/perfection, perceptions of beauty, impermanence and the soft underbelly people rarely show.

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