The Radness of Reciprocity

Local artist and Film Forum member Kat Larson chats about a mutually beneficial relationship. . .

Brian Eno, video still from 14 Video Paintings.

I am an interdisciplinary artist who switched gears a few years ago to focus on video painting, a concept inspired by Brian Eno’s 14 Video Paintings (put simply, a video “painting” is made of moving images that can incorporate sound). I love video because I can apply painterly techniques to a time-based medium. I decided to put down my gel medium, my filbert brushes and my oil sticks and started using a camera to collect body movement. I exchanged my old studio at 619 Western for a new, more compact studio, Final Cut Pro.

Kat Larson, still from video painting, BloodMutha.

Instead of using polymer to collage pieces of paper together, I use a timeline (the workspace for video editing) to create an assemblage of movie clips. Upon final render, a video painting emerges.

Northwest Film Forum is valuable to my creative process. Without this amazing organization I would be missing an extension of my studio space and, perhaps most importantly, I would miss the experience of community. I use the NWFF editing lab for the fast-processing Macs, the provision of different video editing platforms, and the bottomless well of knowledge and patience that Dave Hanagan shares with me when I need help troubleshooting. If it’s not Dave who is being helpful, it’s Adam, Chris, Matt, or Andre. These people who work at the Film Forum have in some way shared their character, through conversation or acts of sympathy and kindness, when I’m editing for hours on end. Connections like these revive me when I feel underwater in work.

I believe Northwest Film Forum is a harbinger for human connectivity, and the little exchanges of energy we share between each other is one facet that fuels my work. The organization facilitates introductions to incredible directors and other members, “Q&As” with visiting actors and other editors, and incredibly mind-blowing films. All these things invigorate my intrinsic desire to create art.

An illustration of reciprocity, Gift Exchange, courtesy of

I may support the Film Forum by being a member, but the truth is that they support me. My development as a video-painter relies on continued access to the programs, films and community that they provide. I am so thankful and grateful for the powerhouse of brains that keep it running. For these reasons, I advocate membership with The Northwest Film Forum because the people that work there deserve support (and honestly, we deserve great film and education). It’s a daunting request, but can anyone imagine how boring Seattle’s artistic landscape would be without this dynamic organization?

We support them.  They support us.  This is the radness of reciprocity.

Kat Larson is an interdisciplinary artist and life-lover. Upcoming: contributing artist in NEPO5K Walk Don’t Run September 7, and inaugural artist for Center for Art and Thought.  Please learn more about her at

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