Top Ten Tony Scott-Directed Characters

I thought I would use my top ten for 2012 as a memorial to Director Tony Scott. I am by no means an expert on his films, having only seen a handful, but that handful includes some real gems, and some unforgettable characters.

Forgive me if True Romance is overrepresented, but that movie has endured as a favorite of mine for many years. Really, this could have been a top ten list of favorite characters from that film alone.

1. Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken as Clifford Worley and Vincenzo Concotti in True Romance. I watched this scene on repeat so many times in high school that I still have the dialogue committed to memory. Such a delight!
True Romance – The Story About Sicilian Scene 1993.

2. Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater as Alabama and Clarence in True Romance. Tarantino script-writing at its most gushingly romantic.

3. Robert Duvall as Harry Hogge in Days of Thunder. This movie is… sort of a mess… but in many entertaining ways. And as always Duvall is a total delight. Slate Magazine recently published this article explaining how Days of Thunder changed Hollywood.

4. Val Kilmer as “The Iceman” in Top Gun. Special mention as the voice of Elvis in True Romance.

5. David Bowie & Catherine Deneuve as Miriam and John Blaylock in The Hunger. Forget the Twilight saga. Team Bowie.

6. Brad Pitt as “Dick Roommate” Floyd in True Romance. His screen time is brief but impactful. This is probably one of my favorite roles for Brad Pitt of all time (not to diminish his abilities).

True Romance – Floyd gets a visit from the mob

7. Tom Cruise as Cole Trickle as Dick Trickle in Days of Thunder. What a dick.

8. Gary Oldman as Drexl in True Romance. Oldman as a pimp with dreads eating sushi in a leopard print bathrobe.

9. Denzel Washington as Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter  in Crimson Tide.

10. Robert Redford as Nathan Muir in Spy Game. There is something about the Redford/Pitt pairing that I find incredibly irritating, and yet…

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