Happy 50th, Cinema Scope

Still from 'Silent Light' by filmmaker Carlos Reygadas.

Cinema Scope has just released its 50th issue, taking the opportunity to assess world cinema through the lens of the best 50 filmmakers under 50 (a great little concept album of sorts). The magazine, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a cahiers du cinema style rag offering critical insight into some of finest films of the moment. And while the magazine can be divisive, it’s certainly the most passionate writing on cinema we read.

This 50th issue is a venerable who’s who of recent guests and screenings at Northwest Film Forum – we’re thrilled to have had nearly half of these luminaries either in person or screening in our cinemas. Eight of them attended screenings at the Film Forum including Lisandro Alonso, Miguel Gomes, and Harmony Korine. We’ve also regularly screened films by nearly half of the list including; Lucrecia Martel, Carlos Reygadas, and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. In addition, we’ve taken our involvement with filmmakers to the next level by making Northwest Film Forum the distributing hub for Lisandro Alonso, Serge Bozon and Albert Serra.

What about the rest? Well we’ve been trying to screen work from some for a while, and it just hasn’t worked out, including Sharon Lockhart, Ben Rivers and Wang Bing. There are always more films to be mined, and the remaining filmmakers in this list are well worth our time.  Cinema Scope is well worth yours: the writing will likely, more than any other in the English language, give you a sense of the fervor we feel for the cinema we put on our screens nightly, and I highly encourage picking up your own copy to follow some great emerging artists. This issue also includes interviews with recently sacked Village Voice critic J. Hoberman and Miguel Gomes (whose latest, Tabu, caused quite the stir in Berlin). The pages also include an overview of animal-centric cinema by Denis Cote and festival coverage for the big winter programs. Why not even consider a subscription while you’re at it?

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