Top 10 Moments I Missed at Northwest Film Forum This Year

This year I was on personal leave for a good portion of the summer and fall. Well, it turns out that there is no such thing as a “good” time to not be around the Film Forum. Here are the top things I missed out on while I was away. Let this be a lesson to you all!

10. Cluny Brown and The Battleship Potemkin – presented in their fully restored 35mm glory!

9. Secret Country – I’ll never know for sure, but my imagination tells me these were nights to remember.

8. New bathroom signage. It’s amazing what managed to get done while I was gone.

7. Required Viewing: Kubrick Masterpieces. Tell me it will be offered again!

6. The 5-Minute Remake Film Challenge – I had a film in it, but didn’t get to revel in my glory, or that of the other participants.

5. The Bike-In – I was dubious that the classic Kevin Bacon bike messenger movie “Quicksilver” could be improved, but I’m told it indeed was done thanks to the musical stylings of Jon Francois, Marcy Stone and Tomm Johnson.

4. Harry Shearer! In person! It’s just not fair.

3. Local Sightings. The whole thing. Just too painful to contemplate.

2. The last day of the Couch. Farewell old friend!

1. The new bar installation. Chic and fabulous!

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