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…and we’d gladly accept your membership or donation! Here’s why you should consider supporting what the Seattle Weekly called “the best movie theatre in Seattle”, from Executive Director Lyall Bush:

Any day or night at the Film Forum…What's Happening at the Film Forum

Just about any day or night this past year you could have come through our doors and discovered something new, a film that overtook your expectations, a discussion on a subject that changed how you saw things: the lives of bees, a magical film threading Thai folk tales, the grandeur of cinema in 1925, classes on magisterial directors, a grandly cheesy Kevin Bacon movie lit up in the park and transformed with a new live score.

You could discover how to make things, too: how to write screenplays, how to tell stories, how to do cinematography yourself. That spirit of discovery reaches even into summer camps where student’s stories, say teachers, “gain whole new dynamic dimension” after sessions on lighting, where young women realize that the cameras are tools for their imaginations.

Discovery is, in some essential way, the pivotal word in our universe. At Northwest Film Forum we promise you the hand-made, the local, the new, the unexpected, the foreign, and all the new joys that come with discovering unknown things in the world and yourself.

I am writing to ask you to support this place and these essential programs, including the many live programs we weave with cinema, the new gear we make available to emerging voices, the scholarships we offer to young people, the dozens of visiting filmmakers we bring to the city each year.

Things change all the time in film, but not really. From the start, two centuries ago, when film contained nitrate, and strips of it periodically burst into flames, there have been only a couple of questions: what is interesting to photograph, and how can those photographs lead from one the other in acts of discovery, amusement, pleasure, new thought?

Needless to say, we have a lot of passionate ideas here about what the new is, and what it was, and how the best work out there, from the Northwest and around the world, helps us all see the world and remake it. And we do it so well that we remain what Seattle Weekly has called “the pre-eminent steward of our local film scene.” We continue to give you opportunities to see, feel, learn, think (and re-think) about what motion pictures are and where they are going.

This past year we:

  • Brought more live shows into our blend of screenings: edgy performances, live soul and country, and one electrified night of tunes for kids, starring Caspar Babypants.
  • Saw 25,000 of you walk into our cinemas to discover new films and classics worth re-discovering: Chilean films, Sunrise, Psycho, a night with Harry Shearer and New Orleans, the latest film by the world’s oldest filmmaker, Miguel de Oliveira.
  • Offered more master classes, including Jennifer Roth’s sold-out workshops on producing and seminars on German Expressionism, the American Western, and Stanley Kubrick.
  • Kicked off our popular Children’s Film Festival Seattle with a made-from-scratch pancake breakfast for 160 people — Breakfast and a Movie. Then toured it across the country.
  • Launched the Northwest Film Fund which, among other things, gave over $10,0000 to a filmmaker.

Discovery is important for art and the imagination; it’s as important to the public imagination.

We can do it all with your membership and donations. It’s more important than ever, now, that there is a place in the city that shows young people how hand-made cinema can be (and how beautiful that is), a place that opens doors for emerging filmmakers, and a place that lets world cinema explode on its screens.

We do this 52 weeks a year, and this year we expanded again and pushed ourselves again. We need your donation to ensure that classes for kids continue, that our camera gear is in good repair, that filmmakers receive real support, that their films look dazzling on our screens.

Thank you for caring about the future of cinema and for the work the Film Forum does.
Click here to make your contribution today.


Lyall Bush

Lyall Bush
Executive Director

P.S. You can make a difference with the purchase of a membership for as little as $45, or with the simplicty of a recurring donation. Donations of $250 and up allow us to provide essential work supporting the youngest filmmakers, visiting filmmakers, and ensure that our projection and sound are equally bright and clear.

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