Starvation Heights: The Movie?

On the occasion of this Halloween weekend, I thought it was fitting to start a little rumor mongering.

Last weekend I took a haunted tour of Pike Place Market, which included a lengthy stop to discuss Dr. Linda Hazzard and her cruel and unusual medical treatments of the early 1900s. (Unfamiliar with the story? There’s an entire website devoted to the subject, inspired by the true crime book by Gregg Olson.)

The tour guide dropped the intriguing development that not only is the story finally getting turned into a movie, but Oscar-winner Natalie Portman would be playing the starvation doctor herself.

So is there any truth to the rumor? Well, a modest bit of Googling turned up nothing but heresay. This Portman fansite admits to also hearing the rumor, but can’t confirm it. This horror fansite identifies the director as Padraig Reynolds, but does not discuss casting.

More details if and when we learn them, but feel free to post your insider knowledge here. It’s doubtful the film will shoot on location at her spooky Olalla sanitorium, but I’m sure some thrill-seeking local crew would be willing to sign up should the order come in.


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