Nicolas Pereda Primer

This week we begin our retrospective of the films of Mexican filmmaker Nicolas Pereda. Since the local press doesn’t seem to pay much attention to anything any longer, here’s a little list of links to some coverage elsewhere, starting with this little piece in the Village Voice “Unseeable outside short engagements and film festivals (including Cannes and Venice), Pereda’s fast-amassing oeuvre gets the retrospective treatment at Anthology in a one-week run starting Friday. You can forget turning to Netflix afterward; the director doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet. (And press reports seem to disagree how old the Mexico City–born twentysomething is, precisely—though Anthology says 27.)”

“Scenes From Rural Mexico, Inspired by Life or Imagination” NY Times

“Stories Untold” – Art Forum

“Keep Moving Cinephile fashions and the hybrid films of Nicolás Pereda” – Moving Image Source

“Juntos” – Variety

“Summer of Goliath” – Slate

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