Seeing Double

Like its wandering father-and-son protagonists, the charming, locally-produced short Scamp is on the move. The film left its Tacoma birthplace and rode the boxcar north to Seattle’s Central Cinema, where this Saturday June 4 you can spot it at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival (details at The rough and scruffy vagabonds in Scamp offset the crisp, clean visuals of downtown photographed by Chris Joseph Taylor.

The cinematographer-editor has found himself juggling numerous projects in recent months. While seeking a Bachelor’s in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from the Art Institute of Seattle, he makes time to assist director Andrew Finnigan on color correcting his full-length Fantastic Confabulations (also shot by Taylor). And I caught him last week in the midst of editing his latest entitled A Man, Buried, a quirky short with a wonderful premise – drunkard’s family digs up a better version of him in the backyard.

With such a concept you know audiences will expect at least some visual tricks (i.e. seeing the same actor twice in one shot), but Taylor didn’t consider the challenge too daunting. “(The effects) came out really well,” he notes. “There’s a shot where…they’re playing chess with each other (a single actor photographed twice), and one reaches across and punches the other one.” Taylor laughs. “It’s pretty awesome.”

Speaking of seeing double, in case you miss Scamp this weekend it plays later in the summer at the Columbia River Gorge Film Festival.

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