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Do you know Joe? In case you don’t, actor-producer Joe Rosati has entertained Tacoma for the past several years with a stack of film roles that continues to rise. My own first encounter came in 2008, as I had the privilege to watch him sledgehammer the honest-to-God crap out of a honey bucket in the short comedy It Don’t Rain on Sunny Days.


Three years later, J-Ro commands the screen once more, showing audiences his serious side as a down-and-outer in Chad Ruin’s feature A Perfect Life. Already the movie has generated buzz around Park City, Utah, where Rosati and Perfect cinematographer Scott Stone relocated some months ago. And when you practically share a backyard with the Sundance Film Festival, a little interest in your picture don’t hurt.

It was there they ran into some good fortune in the form of Vivian van Dijk, owner and editor in chief of Eyes In™ Magazine. “She was intrigued by our story,” says Stone, and her published article you can find via the Press page of

Both men found the attention a pleasant surprise. Says Stone, “We had no idea that it would be a 13-page spread…in a global art publication, so this is a real honor.” Rosati attributes this to “an energy” he hasn’t seen before at other festivals. “It’s just been amazing, the people we’ve networked with down here. Meeting Vivian was huge.”

A risky yet strategic move has begun paying off for two intrepid filmmakers. The world premiere of A Perfect Life took place just days ago at the Park City Film Music Festival, and very soon the rest of us can see the film – it screens Tuesday, June 7, at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. Find more details at or on Twitter, @APerfectLife1.

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