Looking Back – And Moving Forward

Eric Moseley Keeps His Eye (and Camera) on Homelessness

Let’s begin with a seemingly out-of-the-blue stereotype about the homeless: They don’t have their own websites. Another: They lack both the means and drive to engage in artistic pursuits. Well, Eric “Protein” Moseley has set out to trump all his naysayers.

Crisscrossing the country for close to seventeen years without a home hasn’t deterred this man from updating his online calling card, www.provistafilms.org. There you’ll find among other things trailers for documentary projects either completed or in the works, all made under his Skid Row Journey Productions.

Currently residing at the St. Martin de Porres shelter in Seattle, he visited Tacoma a few weeks back, camera in hand. An engaging onscreen host, he invites those he interviews to speak their minds on homelessness in our city and local government’s response. Already Moseley is using these filmed testimonials to support and promote his newest piece, A 24-Hour Challenge to Mayor Mike McGinn. The cinéma vérité shoot around the Emerald City commences next Saturday May 7.

Moseley looks back on those wandering years of drug abuse, saying, “Basically I was running from my problems…thinking that if I move to another city, everything would be all right. But every city I went to, I was there. I can’t get away from myself.” Now with cleaner sight he stands and faces himself, his situation and the situations of millions like him, doing it all with the camera’s steady and fearless gaze.

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