Get inside with a Spring filmmaking class

There’s no need to be outside for a while.  How about improving your filmmaking skills or appreciation with one of our spring workshops?

Kubrick Masterpieces

Six Tuesdays, May 3–June 14 (no class May 17), 7–9pm
Instructor: Robert Cumbow
Tuition: $120/WigglyWorld members, $140/general
Max Attendance: 25

From Killer’s Kiss to Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick made something provocatively and controversially new out of every film project he touched. We’ll start with Kubrick’s genre-defining caper film The Killing and his powerful anti-war film Paths of Glory, identifying certain continuing themes, techniques, and image patterns. Then we’ll look at how he develops those–and his increasingly satirical/cynical philosophical viewpoint–through Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Barry Lyndon, The Shining, and Full Metal Jacket. In class, we’ll try to identify the vision that unites these seemingly disparate films and illuminate (if not solve) the mystery that is Stanley Kubrick.

Students will be expected to view films in their entirety before class discussions. A syllabus will be emailed shortly before the start of the first class.

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Introduction to Flash

Four Wednesdays, May 4, 11, 18 & 25, 6:30–9:30pm
Instructor: Bryan Schaeffer
Tuition: $290/WigglyWorld members, $320/general
Max Attendance: 5
Prerequiste: Basic knowledge of Photoshop and a vector-based drawing program (Illustrator, Freehand)

Flash is the premiere software for animating different media formats-photography, line art, sound and video-for the web. Learn the basic skills of Flash’s robust animation tools to incorporate in the interactive environment of a website. With hands-on learning in class and between class assignments, you’ll learn how to create animations starting from storyboards and a project plan, navigate the Flash environment, determine the best production methods, and put into motion your most creative ideas. During the class, students will each develop individual projects under the guidance of the instructor, and by the end of this introduction, you will feel comfortable enough with Flash’s comprehensive set of tools to really begin exploring new realms of animation and interactivity.

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Lighting for Film & Video


Saturday & Sunday, May 21 & 22, 10am–4pm
Instructor: Erik Vilinskas
Tuition: $250/WigglyWorld members, $280/general
Max Attendance: 8
Lighting sets the tone of every scene. Learn how to use creative lighting techniques to establish a mood and direct your viewer to the most important parts of your shot.  With examples taken from the films of today and yesteryear, we will learn how to examine a shot to determine how it was lit.  Hands-on exercises will take us from the basics of a three-point lighting setup to more specialized techniques used to create emotional impact on-screen. Special attention will be given to creating professional looking lighting setups on a limited budget, as well as correctly incorporating available daylight sources. No prior experience is required.

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After Effects Basics

Four Thursdays, May 12, 19, 26 & June 2, 6–9pm
Instructor: Cory Kelley
Tuition: $280/WigglyWorld members, $310/general
Max Attendance: 5

AfterEffects is a powerful animation and compositing tool, with a wide range of applications. Commonly used for film, television and multimedia, this program can be difficult to crack at first. Once the basics are mastered, it offers a rich and nearly unlimited range of creative possibilities. We’ll be learning from the ground up how to animate typography, as well as combine and manipulate footage and other elements to create effects and motion graphics.

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Basic Videography

Saturday & Sunday, May 14 &15, 10am–4pm
Instructor: Erik Vilinskas
Tuition: $250/WigglyWorld members, $280/general
Max Attendance: 10

Learn how composition, lighting, and depth of field interact to create memorable images. This class will cover basic videography skills and provide the opportunity to operate NWFF’s Canon GL1, Panasonic AG-DVX100, and HVX200. We will discuss the differences between video and film and the benefits and pitfalls of some of the more popular video formats currently in use. We will also address the basics of lighting for video, as well as how to record good field audio using a shotgun microphone and boom. Hands-on sessions will demystify the buttons and menu functions common to most consumer and professional video cameras. This class will give you a solid foundation for your video projects, whether you plan to use the Film Forums camera’s or your own.

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Notions of Time and Space: Science and the Cinema

Tuesday, May 17, 6–9pm
Instructor: Jeanne Liotta
Tuition: $20/WigglyWorld members, $25/general
Max Attendance: 12

For artists in all fields, Jeanne Liotta offers an illustrated lecture on the scientific themes in her artistic research. Her presentation be a tour through short films and clips providing insight on what it means to live inside space/time. Subjects include tectonic plates, binocular vision, chronophotography, force-lines, light sensitive emulsions, heat-sensitive cameras, non-metaphors, poetic facts, interpreted data, the scientific imagination, and the virtual sublime. The class will witness strategies and clips from Jeanne’s own practice and of works by Etienne-Jules Marey, Ken Jacobs, Jean Painleve, Peggy Ahwesh, Semiconductor, and NASA.

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