News Flash…

NPR radio just broadcast an announcement that the ACLU is going to court to fight the state of Michigan’s decision to cut funding for the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Read all about it here.

Essentially, the State of Michigan found it reprehensible that the festival was screening “pornographic content”. This all came about as a result of an essay written by the Mackinac Center that stated that taxpayers’ dollars should not go to the arts in Michigan. Then the essay goes on to name several films from the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

One of the films in question was Crispin Glover’s WHAT IS IT, which we screened late last year to sold out crowds at Broadway Performance Hall. Another is BOOBIE GIRL about a little girl who wishes for larger breasts and then one day wakes up to actually have them, wrecking all sorts of havoc on her life. After a little research you can easily discover that title actually won both an Emmy and and Oscar.

We’ll definitely keep a watchful eye on this legal battle, as it relates to institutions like our own and our ability to program controversial content.

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