NWFF in Macedonia

skopje cityscape

Zdravo NWFF fans!

This weekend I arrived in Macedonia (located between Greece and Serbia) to spread the wonderfulness that is Northwest Independent filmmaking to the outside world! (or at least a small corner of it). This is a snapshot of the capital, Skopje. Here, I’ll be presenting two programs of films made by Pacific Northwest artists. I’ve chosen films that represent what I think is a defining character of filmmaking in our region—they all share a modesty in their production means but are richly expressive and as a whole demonstrate a broad range of visual techniques and stylistic approaches. I will be spending time to find films here that characterize the artistic sensibilities of the South Balkan region and show them at NWFF this summer.

My first few days here have been very exciting! Skopje is presenting its own annual film festival (no english version available online, sorry), while my friends at Lokomotiva have just completed staging the two week leg of a traveling dance academy. This city is very colorful and lively, and is experiencing a historic moment as it neighbors Europe’s newest nation, Kosovo, and a long held feud with Greece over its name may (or may not) be coming to an end.

I’ll be posting images of my adventures in the region at my Flickr site. Much thanks to CEC Artslink for providing the grant that brought me here!


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