Manohla Dargis says: See BOARDING GATE for the hot women!

BOARDING GATE has been a controversial film, and has earned little love from the critics, Seattle no exception.  But I think Manohla Dargis of the New York Times is on to something.  From her summary:

I’m fairly certain one reason that the French director Olivier Assayas made “Boarding Gate” is that he wanted to watch the Italian actress Asia Argento strut around in black underwear and punishing heels. And why not? Ms. Argento looks delectable if somewhat demented in “Boarding Gate,” in which she comes across as a postmodern Pearl White, who starred in silent adventure serials like “The Perils of Pauline.” Ms. Argento seems to invite trouble, and Mr. Assayas, who has a way of capturing the seemingly ineffable, has a thing for troubled, troubling women. “Boarding Gate,” a casually beautiful, preposterously plotted, elliptical thriller, earned little love last year when it played at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was shown out of competition. It didn’t do much for Mr. Assayas’s reputation, at least among some critics, who had been just as eager to dismiss his other recent films, among them “Clean” (2004) and the much-maligned “demonlover” (2002). What “Boarding Gate” did do was reconfirm Ms. Argento as one of contemporary cinema’s most fascinating creatures.

You can read her entire review, watch the BOARDING GATE trailer, and even buy what looks like the DVD (?) here.

You can form your own opinion beginning tonight.  BOARDING GATE plays through April 3.

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