Serial Dumping…. The Village Voice

My once cherished alternative weekly paper, the one that I used to sneak into Manhattan from my parents house in New Jersey just to get a copy of, continues to cut its extremely talented staff today.
This in from the Village Voice’s Nathan Lee today

┬áIn great Village Voice tradition, I was abruptly laid off today for “economic reasons.” My employment at the paper ends immediately: someone else, alas, will be tasked with specifying the precise shade of periwinkle frosting atop the cupcakes in My Blueberry Nights.

And so I am, as they say, “looking for work,” though presumably not as a staff film critic as such jobs no longer appear to exist.

Read an interesting article from Lee, one of his last for the paper, on Asia Argento, the star of BOARDING GATE, which we open this Friday.

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