Interview With Olivier Assayas

Boarding Gate “Italian director Marco Ferreri named one of his films The Future is Female. For Olivier Assayas, that’s a given.” Steve Erickson introduces his interview with the director of Boarding Gate. “Assayas’s later career has been a heady stew of class and crass, yet not even in his terrific, audience-baiting pseudo-technothriller demonlover, with its corporate-girls-gone-wild for the smart set, did he flirt as heavily with exploitation as he does here,” writes Michael Koresky at indieWIRE.

Boarding Gate, B-movie heir to Phil Karlson and Ingmar Bergman, screws any pretence of naturalism for hallucinatory confrontations,” writes David Pratt-Robson in Slant. “If, like its protagonist, the film is brutally forthright, in B-movie tradition, that’s because all it cares about is expressivity – raw impact and momentum…. Down and totally dirty, Boarding Gate is one of the best genre films in years.”

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