Alice in Wonderland is no Captain EO

Am I the only one who doesn’t get this whole 3D craze?  I work at a non-profit independent film center, so maybe that counts my opinion out from the start, but overblown and boring plot aside, I just don’t see the thrill in Alice 3D.

For one, I wear glasses and have not figured out how to make the 3D glasses comfortable through an entire movie.

Second, something about the 3D projection I find confusing and nauseating.  It’s hard to know where on the screen to look, and I end up feeling like I have wall-eye vision.

But mostly, it just isn’t that thrilling.  Remember the gasps and cheers during Disney’s “Captain EO”?  And if you took your glasses off and looked in the theater at the audience during the show, everyone had their hands outstretched, just making sure those fuzzy creatures were not actually floating in front of them.

Alice has a few fun sequences, a fast moving teacup here and there, but doesn’t really use the 3D effect to any real extent.  Why not?

I can’t be the only one who doesn’t think 3D is the new talkie.. right?

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