An update from team “Little Blue Pill”

This just in from director Aaron Godfred, of the new Northwest-shot movie Little Blue Pill:

Greetings from Team Little Blue Pill. As we near the end of post-production with the Foley, effects and audio mix remaining, we reflect on the journey. It’s been a long road since principal photography in Renton and Portland this summer but it was worth it. We’re really happy with the final product and know we’ve got a big laugher on our hands. How could it not be? It’s about a guy who takes two of… you guessed it… an Erectile Dysfunction pill.

We had an absolute blast shooting in the Northwest. Everyone is so amazingly friendly and encouraging to filmmakers. From the UW fraternity that housed crew and let them use their gym, to the Mercer Island neighbors who didn’t complain when 12 people crashed in a vacant house and then threw an impromptu after-wrap-party, and everyone else, we salute you! Thanks to the City of Portland for letting us run wild in the streets with a camera and a permit. Who would have thought that Renton would house one of the most advanced surgical training facilities in the world which doubles as a bad-ass pharmaceutical laboratory? Thanks to Full Sail for the beer sponsorship, which was enjoyed by all and to the very last drop.

Lastly, We’d like to say a word to our local cast and background actors. The movie wouldn’t be what it is without your hard work and dedication. We’ve gotten so many comments on the talented Northwest actors. Also, without you we wouldn’t have gang of diapered E.D. pill test subjects, sexy receptionists, doctors and burly orderlies.

Even though we’re back here in Los Angeles, our heart is still in our green neighbors to the North. Because of the winter storms down here expect a hundred thousand or so Californians to move to Seattle for the better weather.

Check out the production photos and stay posted on the movie and future screenings in Seattle and Portland at


Aaron Godfred (Director)

And here’s a little more about the production from a press release I got a few days ago:

Montauk Project Films Announces Debut Feature: LITTLE BLUE PILL

“Little Pill, Big Problem.”

Contact: Terme Hayempour,

Los Angeles, Calif. (Feb. 2, 2010) – Montauk Project Films announces debut feature length film, LITTLE BLUE PILL: a comedy about an unlucky hipster who accidentally takes two Erectile Dysfunction pills and goes on a day of misadventures.

The Erectile Dysfunction and male enhancement industries are overripe for satire and parody. Drugs designed to help people with Erectile Dysfunction are the butt of many jokes, and have become a huge part of our popular culture, yet no one has produced a film about this hilarious and explosive subject. Until now…

The movie was written and directed by Aaron Godfred and produced by Dave Szamet, Aaron Godfred and Montauk Project Films. Little Blue Pill stars up-and-coming comedic actors: Aaron Kuban, Adam Carr, Rosie Tisch, Gerold Wunstel and Jonathan Ahdout.

Little Blue Pill was shot in July of 2009 in Portland, Oregon and Renton, Washington. The story is set in Portland and filmed at many iconic and infamous locations such as the Pittock Mansion, Burnside St., Voodoo Doughnuts, Wapato County Jail, the Northwest 23rd District, the Pearl District, Downtown, an I-5 rest stop, The Rheinlander, and more.

Many of the filmmakers were friends and fraternity brothers while at Linfield College in McMinnville. “It was amazing to come back to the Northwest and work with a big group of old friends. It also helped in getting locations, cars, actors and heaps of volunteers for the party scene. Portland has an incredible visual aesthetic to it. The river, buildings, parks, local businesses and people are all characters,” says Aaron Godfred.

“From my first interactions with Film Oregon and the City of Portland, I discovered that filming in Portland was unlike filming in any other city. Portland officials strive to help filmmakers achieve their visions, while helping them navigate through the red tape that often makes it so arduous to film in cities like Los Angeles,” exclaimed Dave Szamet.

One week of shooting took place inside NW B.E.S.T.’s state of the art surgical training facility in Renton, Washington. The high-tech facility served as the headquarters for the fictional pharmaceutical manufacturer. Much of the crew was housed at a University of Washington fraternity.

This film is in the vein of male skewed comedies such as Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, The Hangover, Superbad and The Big Lebowski, with satirical elements and parody reminiscent of Thank You For Smoking. Little Blue Pill has a hard rocking soundtrack from many up-and-coming hip-hop and rock and roll artists.

The movie is picture-locked, color corrected, and is currently in final audio mixing.

About Montauk Project Films

Montauk Project Films was founded in 2008 by filmmaker Aaron Godfred. Godfred, a former assistant at the Endeavor agency, brings over ten years of filmmaking experience to the team. His credits include work with short films, music videos and commercials, including producing OREGON’S WAR AT HOME, a documentary awarded a Northwest Regional Emmy. Aaron has an undergraduate degree in International Business from Linfield College and an MBA from the University of Oregon.

Other producers include Dave Szamet, a solo producer on BEYOND BORDERS: THE DEBATE OVER HUMAN MIGRATION, a feature documentary that screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, and several other film festivals. Dave is currently pursuing a Masters degree in producing from the American Film Institute.

Writer/Director – Aaron Godfred
Producers – Dave Szamet, Aaron Godfred, Alex Ginno
Lead Actors – Aaron Kuban, Adam Carr, Rosie Tisch, Gerold Wunstel, Trevor Coppola, Jonathan Ahdout
Production Company – Montauk Project Films

Update! Trailer now online!

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