Indigenous Showcase “Super Amigos”

Longhouse Media in partnership with Northwest Film Forum and National Geographic’s All Roads Film Project will be hosting the monthly Indigenous Showcase Saturday November 28th at 1:00pm in the Northwest Film Forum.

While it isn’t an outright comedy by any means, “Super Amigos” contains a fair amount of comedic flair with its witty dialogue and interwoven comic-book segues that keep the film emotionally light and engaging. “Super Amigos” is an important dissection of Mexican society as these masked characters tackle serious, globally relevant issues. The film’s credibility lies in the fact that the luchadores are not substance lacking, physically chiseled superhero wannabes blindly going out in public to save the world with no reasonable intent or purpose. They happen to be well-educated activists (some for over 20 years) that have a specific aim to bring pressing national concerns to the forefront and transform Mexican society for the better. The luchador mask simply serves as a highly respected national iconic symbol to help rally Mexican citizens in the fight for change, a mere fa├žade for what is more important.

Please join us for this exciting program that shows how Native American and indigenous filmmakers are at the forefront of the industry, successfully establishing a dialogue and creating images that are challenging, changing long established cultural attitudes towards indigenous culture. We look forward to seeing you there!

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