Werner and the rain

In between screenings here at IDFA – the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – the rain washes through the city with sporadic bursts.  Rode through it on the ubiquitous bicycle again this morning to go see Werner Herzog speak to a sold out Tuchinski Theatre full of cinephiles from all over the world. Two hours passed as if they were nothing at all. Like he does in his films – Mr. Herzog seemed to encompass his message and fill the room without getting bigger than himself – big, yes – but with enough self deprecation and humor to keep all attention rapt. Among many questions he fielded from the scarf laden crowd – one concerning high-budget studio storyboard animation for most studio projects out there – Mr. Herzog simply categorized these folks as “Idiots, who are ruining the creative magic of the craft…” A clearly American audience member managed to brow-beat Mr. Herzog about “sustainable filmmaking” – citing a Belgian animator using less cells of films for their work – as a means of preserving the planet. Mr. Herzog, confused by the question – seemed to respond with what we were all feeling by saying something close to:  ”I don’t know about all that, but in my estimation – it will be a microbe or large volcanic explosion that gets us first – next question.”  More to come soon about the inexorable Werner Herzog and the vibrant IDFA. 

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