What they’re saying about Lake Tahoe

“The Stranger Suggests: Lake Tahoe is a refreshing, reinvigorating pause-button on a noisy summer movie season.” -The Stranger

“SW Pick: Eimbcke’s droll rhythms are reminiscent of early Jim Jarmusch and Aki Kaurismäki—here stylistically appropriate for a film about social and emotional inertia.” -Seattle Weekly

“A must-see. Lake Tahoe is a series of living photographs that tells us as much about the humane condition as an 800-page novel.” -Seattle PostGlobe

Exquisitely captured in natural light by the cinematographer Alexis Zabé, Juan’s journey is framed by sherbet-colored houses and lemon sidewalks, dipping palm fronds and a burnished, turquoise horizon. The director calls his style “artisan cinema”; I just call it dreamy.” NY Times

“Moving… Eimbcke is a master of tone.” —Screen Daily

Lake Tahoe
starts Friday at NWFF!

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