Insider’s peek at last weekend’s awards

Our board president Jennifer Roth (producer of THE WRESTLER) shares some thoughts from her experiences at the Independent Spirits and Oscar related parties last weekend:

My Weekend:

1. Yes, I attended the Spirit Awards on Saturday. These are the Oscars of Independent film. We won everything we were nominated for (cinematography, actor and best picture). If you haven’t seen Mickey Rourke’s highly R rated acceptance speech, I recommend it:


2. No, I did NOT go to the Oscars. I attended the Fox Searchlight simulcast viewing party (for Slumdog and the Wrestler) It was kind of lame tho nice to be losers in a room full of winners.

3. Yes, I did go to the after party at Vanity Fair (the producer of the Wrestler gave me his tickets). Believe it or not, this party is 5 times more glamorous and exclusive than the Oscars are.

More soon.

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