Mumblecore weekend

As noted in the Slog, the New York Times ran a piece on the filmmaking movement “mumblecore” which featured director Aaron Katz and mentioned his contemporary Joe Swanberg, both of whom will be at NWFF during our upcoming Mumble Without a Cause series.

Arguably less influential, but interesting nonetheless, are similar articles in the Village Voice and NY Sun, which also ran this weekend (Katz’s QUIET CITY and Swanberg’s HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS play inĀ  a 10-film “mumblecore” program at the IFC Center that starts Wednesday).

Previous entries in the “mumblecore” library, including FUNNY HA HA, MUTUAL APPRECIATION, KISSING ON THE MOUTH, and THE PUFFY CHAIR, are available from Scarecrow, so do some homework and be sure to catch the latest releases starting September 7 at NWFF.

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