Bergman archive in jeopardy?!

So we’re a few days late breaking this one, but I haven’t read anything locally about it yet. Variety reported last week that lack of funding “has put the future of the Ingmar Bergman archive in jeopardy.” They’re apparently in need of some $600,000 in order to digitize Bergman’s papers. An initial donation towards the cause has been made by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. Uncertainty also surrounds the continuation of government financing after the current allocation ends in February, money which is essential to the continuation of the archive. It would be the greatest failure of arts funders internationally to let this archive fall short. His papers, notes, films, and any otehr artifacts from his life can prove invaluable to educating film scholars and audiences about his work.

In September, we’ll present a documentary on Bergman at work as part of SEARCH AND RESCUE, our own attempt to rescue discarded archival materials from dumspters and dustbins.

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