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Cine Independiente: Discovery in Context

No Gauchos. No Futbol. No Tango. Tonight Northwest Film Forum opens a series of independent films from Argentina, and in keeping with its promise of ‘discoveries,’ a diverse slate will be revealed (in which audiences may encounter nothing more native … Continue reading

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Exquisite Delay: The 54th San Francisco International Film Festival + Tindersticks perform Claire Denis film scores

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While Cannes assumes its privileged position in the cinematic cosmos, the extant film world lurks in relative shadow, an eclisse that nonetheless calls attention to more modestly proportioned proceedings. Still flashy in its own west coast (relaxed) way, the recently … Continue reading

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GO GET SOME ROSEMARY: The Safdie Brothers Come to Seattle

Daddy Longlegs begins with a dedication, scrawled on the screen as if it were a handwritten note left on a kitchen table: FOR OUR FATHER, FOR FUN AS A RESPONSIBILITY, FOR THE MIDDLE PERSPECTIVE, A LOST PAST, LIGHTS ON DURING … Continue reading

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SIFF: Like You Know It All

The Seattle International Film Festival is upon us again, that equally cherished and dreaded pre-summer ritual that entails queing and going indoors just as the city is collectively preparing to spread its wings after another monochrome season of scarce daylight … Continue reading

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A Hole in the Heart of Man, Out At the Edge of the World: Some Remarks On the Cinema of Lisandro Alonso

“Why is manhood…an endless highway?” – Adam Zagajewski, Tierra del Fuego The NWFF is to be commended for presenting a rare coup: a cycle of films that taken together evince a dedicated and visionary artist at work, the Argentine director … Continue reading

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Claire Denis and 35 Rhums: On the Tracks, In a House Full of Love

The following interview with Claire Denis was conducted at BAFICI in April. A festival report by the author, as well as comments on the Denis film, can be found at the link provided below. Gratitude goes to the Northwest Film … Continue reading

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